Design and Engineering

Make your vision a reality

At Merit Industries, our design and engineering department has the capability to collaborate with your team until vision becomes reality. With our experienced team of engineers, we can provide input on material types, coatings, heat treatment and give recommendations in texture and finish variations. We also offer design refinement and suggestions for smaller, complex projects and reverse engineering. It is our goal to help design a product that is easily and economically manufactured, abiding by a design for manufacturability (DFM) standard.

From the initial concept to prototype development, we can provide prototype samples for evaluation or testing.  Merit works with you through each process prior to design and manufacturing, considering many variables.

Design files are accepted in any format. Merit is able to convert files into SOLIDWORKS CAD files and cross reference them with computer aided manufacturing (CAM) software in order to program them into our machines.  We keep your project’s guidelines in mind the whole step of the way, insuring confident and precise results.