5-Axis Machining

More options than you ever thought possible

Using the newest, most advanced CNC machines in the precision machining industry, our skilled team can deliver the highest levels of precision and accuracy.  Our 5-Axis offers reduction of costs and production time while greatly increasing quality and capability.  Setup times are cut by nearly 2/3's and fixture preparation is cut in half.  Our machines run at higher cutting speeds with less tool vibrations which yields outstanding surface finishes. This means highly reapeatable accuracy for our discerning customers.

20,000 RPM/Big Plus CAT 40 Maxia Spindle
300 mm Work Table
200 kg Loading Capacity
520 mm X 350 mm Maximum Work Piece Size
Chain Magazine Storage Capacity of  60 Tools
High Accuracy and Reliability
Chip Blaster D30
Air Blast
EZ 5 Software
Renishaw Calibration Kit
Renishaw OMP-400 Part Probe
Renishaw NC4Tool Probe
Travel Limits
X-Axis Stroke 630 mm (24.8 in.)
Y-Axis Stroke 560 mm (22.04 in.)
Z-Axis Stroke 510 mm (20.07 in.)
A-Axis rotation angle (along the X-Axis)
C-Axisrotation angle (along the Z-Axis)