About Merit

As an AS9100 registered company, Merit is committed to meet or exceed customers' standards for quality, cost, performance and delivery. We utilize Lean principles and Continuous Quality Improvement in our quest for best-in-class quality and customer satisfaction.

When manufacturing turbine engine components, airframe structures, and landing gear there's simply no room for error.  Only the best and the brightest have the honor of working within both the Commercial and Defense Aerospace industries.  The Merit family is proud to be trusted to provide the world with a product that meets or exceeds the stringent standards of the Aerospace industry.  Merit has expertise in machining turbine engine components, airplane landing gear and other parts using high strength alloy steel requiring high performance.  We are AS9100 REV D certified, demonstrating our commitment to the highly specialized needs of the aerospace industry.  It is likely that you have recently traveled in an airplane or helicopter that has components manufactured by Merit.

Merit has the unique ability to offer close tolerance processes coupled with the production capability of our CNC turning and CNC milling equipment. Additionally we have the ability to perform wire EDM operations on production parts machined with our CNC equipment. Our expertise also includes hard turning and hard milling. We have CNC turn mill capabilities along with ram EDM and precision grinding.

Internal Capability  Partners/Supply Chain (NADCAP/AS9100)
Turning/Hard Turning Heat Treating
Milling/Hard Milling Electroplating
CNC Mill-Turn Armoloy
Sinker EDM Laser Cutting
Wire EDM Forming
Surface Grinding Testing
Precision Grinding Non Destructive Testing (FPI & MPI)
Deburring Aerospace Thermal Coatings
Design and Engineering  
Non Destructive Testing  
Ultrasonic Cleaning  

Our local partners allow us to offer plating, heat treating, welding, laser cutting, forming, testing, third party inspection and numerous other processes in conjunction with our in house capabilities.  By coupling with partners that are NADCAP and AS9100 Certified Merit Industries ensures the highest quality supply chain throughout the manufacturing process.  Our supply chain has been tested to the rigorous standards that the Aerospace Industry expects from suppliers.